Upper Lip Hair Removal – Which Methods Work Best?

upper lip hair removal For the ladies that have issues with facial hair the the upper lip along with the chin is a common area where unwanted and unsightly hair can develop. Therefore upper lip hair removal and finding the best ways to deal with it is an ongoing issue. Unlike other areas of the body where you can be a little more relaxed and get away with it for short periods leaving facial hair to grow is a big no no so constant attention and work has to be applied to keep everything looking as feminine as possible.

I am sure like me you have tried various treatments for upper lip hair removal to ensure you get the best results without too much hassle but just in case you haven´t I have done a quick analysis of the most popular methods so you have some idea of the options available to you and hopefully give you some inspiration to try something new if you are not seeing the best results with your current method of upper lip hair removal.

Therefore with that said here are my super seven picks for upper lip hair removal.

Due to the larger choice of methods, choosing the right one can be challenging however you I normally find that women generally opt for a certain method on the basis of available budget and amount of hair present to that needs to be dealt with.


If one has limited budget, she can remove upper lip hair through plucking by using tweezers. To do this, she should hold the skin tightly, get hold of a hair with the tweezers and then draw it out swiftly. This is actually a very effective method if there are only a few hairs growing. This upper lip hair removal is painful to do but inexpensive as only a pair of tweezers is necessary.


By using warm water, sharp razor, and a shaving cream gel, one can shave off unsightly upper lip hair. Although this method is cheap and convenient to do, the risk of having cuts, bumps and burns is present. This is ideal for males and not really for men. Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker, darker and stubbier.


Waxing can be done to easily remove unsightly upper lip hair. Place a slight amount of cold wax to the area followed by a cloth strip. Rub the cloth firmly and then swiftly remove it off. Hair will come with the cloth strip. If there is leftover wax, this can be scratched off. This method can be done by a professional or by a person at home. The side effects of waxing are redness and skin irritation.

4.Using Sugar Wax

Another way to remove upper lip hair is through sugar waxing which is like traditional waxing. A sugary paste is placed on the hair and with cotton strips, this is peeled off in an opposite way of hair growth. Because sugar easily dissolves into water, this can be easily removed.


Many people remove upper lip hair through electrolysis. A licensed therapist pops into a hair follicle a needle which carries an electrical current to destroy the root of the hair. This procedure is time-consuming, painful and expensive. It can however give effective results as it removes hair permanently.

6.Hair Inhibitors or Depilatories

Hair inhibitors include cream and gel. They do not exactly remove hair but they delay or hamper the growth of hair. The result would be thinner hair that will take a lot of time to grow. Depilatories should be applied a couple of times daily so as to achieve the desired results. These upper hair lip removal creams or gels have chemicals breaking the bonds which hold the hair in position. After applying the cream to the area, its calcium thioglycolate or sodium thioglycolate breaks down and softens the protein in hair after four minutes. When wiping off the cream, the hair comes off with it.

7.Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal for women is becoming very popular to remove unwanted hair on the upper lip and other places. This method utilizes a laser beam that is directed to the affected area. The light destroys the root of the hair and removes hundreds of them. Several sessions should be made so as to burn the hair follicles not yet growing in the first session.

Laser works best on people with dark hair and a light complexion. Hair that is lightly-colored will not be identified by the laser thus the light may miss them. This upper lip hair removal treatment should be performed by a licensed therapist or plastic surgeon as such kind of doctors would be able to know whether this method would work on a patient’s skin and hair type.

Eighty per cent of unwanted hair will be eliminated after laser sessions. Hairs that may grow back are finer and lighter thus they will not be noticeable the way they originally were. Maintenance treatments maybe required by depending on the severity of the problem.

These are the different upper lip hair removal treatments that can either take away facial hair temporarily or permanently. It is suggested to go for the more expensive options such as laser treatment as they ensure effectiveness and permanence. One should always ask a doctor first for the ideal treatment if unsure about trying anything new.